Meet our instructors: Allana Pierce

 Allana Pierce

Allana is a self-taught artist who studies Library Science. She is a wife, hedgehog mom, and self-proclaimed art supply addict.

Allana has been sketching in Chicago since 2013 and sketches most often with ballpoint or fountain pens or watercolor. Her style is still evolving, but her most recent work has been compared to Quentin Blake.

See more sketches by Allana on her blog and Instagram Imaginerhetoric.



Allana will be leading our Workshop 4:  Supply Speed Dating on Saturday afternoon.

Drawings by Allana using various media:

Allana brings a wonderful mood of enthusiasm, fun, humor and love for drawing to any  sketch meet she comes to. Don’t miss her workshop – it is going to be enormous fun!

One thought on “Meet our instructors: Allana Pierce

  1. How much stuff do I need for on-location sketching? What are the best sketchbooks to have? What size book is right for me? Should I bring my watercolors or just sketch with pen and ink? What kind of ink? What kind of pen? Where do I sit? Do I need to provide my own chair? What about hats, do I need a hat to protect me from the sun? What are the best sun screens for urban sketchers? I would be a terrible speed dater, but Allana will set you straight on the tools most often used in Urban Sketching. Plus you get to test-drive them to make your own decisions.

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