Meet our instructors: Keelan Kaiser

Keelan photo

Keelan has always loved to draw; he started young with imaginary cars and robots. His parents never discouraged him from drawing, probably they should have. He was often in trouble in school because he drew a lot and didn’t read or do his math. He made his way from engineering to architecture as a major after stumbling through the first year of chemistry and material science and seeing how much fun the architects were having. He learned to draw like an architect in college at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where he completed the M.Arch. with a specialty in representation and design.

Keelan enjoys travel drawing, mostly the travel and gastronomical parts, but also the drawing. Most recently his drawing and painting has sought to hybridize an airy drawing technique, inspired loosely by the drawings of John Singer Sargent and Alberto Giacometti; with the Velasquez Palette of Burnt Siena, Ultramarine Blue, and Yellow Ochre, common to architectural watercolorists; as well as the rich and deep technique present in Chinese watercolor. Architectural watercolor artists Moh’d Bilbeisi, Douglas Lew, and Huck Scarry are also influential. While a professor of architecture at Judson University, he is largely a student.

Read Keelan’s thoughts on architecture and environment on his blog –

Keelan will be teaching Workshop 6:  Rapid Travel Sketch with Watercolor twice: once on Sunday morning and then again on Sunday afternoon.

Some of Keelan’s sketches:

Keelan’s credentials include the most impressive collection of abbreviations we have ever seen: Keelan is AIA, NCARB, LEED AP bd+c | Chair, Department of Architecture Judson University. Not that we know what half of this means. Perhaps you can ask him during his workshop.

2 thoughts on “Meet our instructors: Keelan Kaiser

  1. I really want to sign up for Keelan’s workshop, just to see if I can egg him on to draw cars and robots. But Keelan is a pretty focused dude so I am happy with learning the skills he is presenting.

  2. I have more abbreviations, this is merely an abbreviated list! I’m really looking forward to sharing ideas and strategies for field sketching with all of the participants in the workshops!!

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