We are excited to announce an additional 4 FREE and UNINSTRUCTED sketching activities that will take place at this year’s Sketch Seminar.  Activities will be led and organized by USkChicago Seminar planners.  However, unlike our Seminar workshops, they will not be instructed.

Registration is required.  To register, email after reviewing the sketch activity options listed below.  Include your full name and list which activities you plan to attend.

Registration will be accepted through June 2, 2014.  Each activity must have a minimum of 4 registrants for it to take place.  If this minimum is not reached by June 2, that specific activity will be cancelled.



Activity 1:  Architectural Walk – 9:30am

Leader: Allana Pierce

This activity merges a SketchCrawl with an Architecture Tour. Sketchers will start from Palette & Chisel on a SketchCrawl that highlights interesting architecture in the area. At a handful of stops your guide will give a brief history of the building and highlight interesting architectural elements while you settle in to sketch. Other stops will be made as needed, depending on how long we’d like to spend at each sketch location! This activity will coincide with the morning class and be back to Palette & Chisel before afternoon classes.

Activity 2: Sketching Scavenger Hunt – 2pm

Leader: Alex Zonis

Sketchers will start at the Palette & Chisel entrance. We will divide in several scavenging teams. Each team will get a sealed envelope with a secret mission and 2.5 hours to hunt and sketch it. Having accomplished their missions the teams will converge at the starting location to share sketches, discuss, and photo opportunities.


Activity 3: USk SketchAbout – 9:30am

Leader: Wes Douglas

This activity is based on the idea of a SketchCrawl (intense, fast-paced sketching in many locations).  As a group, we can decide if we want to keep moving and sketching a lot of things or pick a spot and take our time doing one lengthier sketch. If you are looking for some time to just sketch on a beautiful day in Chicago, you may want to sign up for this activity.

There will not be an instructor and this is not a workshop. Instead this group will be sketching and sharing what we have found to work best and what hasn’t worked for drawing on location.

Activity 4: Portrait Exchange –   Cancelled

Leader: Mary Russo

Here is a fun activity to round out your weekend. Participants will get together, in groups of 4 or 5, for two hours to create quick portrait drawings of each other.

At the end of the activity, each sketcher will have drawn a same-size portrait of each sketcher in their group. If mirrors are available, self-portraits can be added to the mix! (We’ll work on that!)

We will need:

  • two hours
  • four or more interested people

How long the Portrait Exchange lasts depends on the number of participants, and the length of time set aside for each drawing. For example, a table of five persons making 10-minute drawings will take approximately 100 minutes to create portraits of each other (and themselves, if we have mirrors). Each sketcher may use whatever medium they prefer – graphite, charcoal, ink, watercolor, markers. In the end, sketchers may present their drawings to each other, providing very personalized mementos of the weekend.



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