Thank you to everyone who registered!


11 thoughts on “Registration

  1. Yikes, I didn’t see any place to make my choices, but I’ve just paid. My choices are: Workshop 1: A Crash Course in Urban Sketching, Workshop 4: Supply Speed Dating, Workshop 6: Rapid Travel Sketch With Watercolor, Workshop 8: Sketching as a Team Sport.

  2. I made the same mistake as Mary by registering without including my class choice. It is Rapid Travel Sketch with Watercolor Sat at 2. . You’ve probably also seen my previous message about getting on the waiting list for the Crash Course in Urban Sketching on Sat at 9.
    Thank you

  3. It looks like we are all int he same boot. I have registerd for the workshops but im on the waiting list. I would like to attend Workshops 2, 6 and 7. I’m very excited to know that Urban Sketchers are active in Chicago. Hopefully, I will get to attend a workshop

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