Workshop 5: Taking Guesswork Out of Your Color Work

SUNDAY, JUNE 8                                                                                                                   MORNING                           9:30 a.m.

Workshop 5:  Taking Guesswork Out of Your Color Work  FULL – CLOSED
                       Instructor:  Alex Zonis


We will discuss selection and use of color when sketching on location, using principles of color theory of Johannes Itten.  Participants will understand the color wheel, learn 8 basic color schemes and 7 methods of color contrast.  We will create one or two sketches using some of the more exotic color schemes and an unusual contrast method.


    • Understanding a universal system of thinking about color and color vocabulary
    • Understanding the system behind intuitive color work
    • Practicing color like a painter

Suggested Supplies

    • Sketchbook or paper, white is preferred for this workshop
    • Your usual sketching supplies. Please bring your usual familiar materials. Have supplies to work in color (watercolor, colored pencils, colored pens, acrylic paints, anything that will produce color image)

One thought on “Workshop 5: Taking Guesswork Out of Your Color Work

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