Workshop 1:  A Crash Course in Urban Sketching

SATURDAY, JUNE 7                                                                                                                MORNING                     9:30 a.m.

Workshop 1:  A Crash Course in Urban Sketching  FULL – CLOSED

Instructors:  Wes Douglas and Barbara Weeks


A proper introduction to Urban Sketching, this workshop will clear up any possible confusion between what makes this different from other forms of sketching – a class to help get you started Urban Sketching.


    •  Defining Urban Sketching
    •  Reviewing and understanding the Urban Sketching Manifesto
    •  Learning the history of the Urban Sketchers movement
    •  What kind of people make up urban sketchers?  Is there any kind of training or prerequisite to be an urban sketcher?
    • How to Begin
      1. Facing the scene and the blank page
      2.  Improving “seeing” skills
      3.  Understanding the why and how of sketching
      4.  Designing a sketch journal page
      5. Tips and tricks

Suggested supplies

Sketch pad of choice and whatever drawing tools you feel most comfortable with. At the very least, a pencil or pen and paper.


  1. Samples of our work
  2. Book titles
  3. Blog and web links
  4. List of favorite supplies
  5. A copy of the manifesto

Sketches by Wes:

Wes 1 Wes 2 Sketches by Barbara:

Barbara 2 Barbara 1


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