Workshop 3:  Urban Sketching with an iPad

Saturday, JUNE 7                                                                                                                AFTERNOON                     2:00 p.m.

Workshop 3:  Urban Sketching with an iPad  CLOSED

Instructor:  Wes Douglas


This workshop is an introduction to Urban Sketching with an Apple iPad.  The information is limited to an iPad and not other tablet devices.  I have an iPad 2, but a newer iPad would still be applicable to this workshop.


    • Choosing your device
    • Reviewing the styli available on the market
    • Reviewing the various sketch apps available/which work best?
    • Building yourself a hand bridge
    • Learning best practices working with an iPad

Suggested supplies

While it would be helpful if you are familiar with or have your own iPad, this workshop will also be useful if you are considering purchasing one and what to consider before you buy.

Sketches by Wes on iPad:

Firehouse Subs - iPad - Wes Wes Douglas - USk Chicago meet - Fields museum


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