Workshop 7: How to Sketch Like an Architect

SUNDAY, JUNE 8                                                                                                                   AFTERNOON                     2:00 p.m.

Workshop 7:  How to Sketch Like an Architect  FULL – CLOSED
                        Instructor:  Joel Berman


Students will learn how to rapidly document the buildings in their own graphic vocabulary, both interior and exterior.  The class will stress a formulaic approach to developing exceptional compositions using thumbnail diagrams and basic, non-technical perspective.  Emphasis will be placed on loose, free hand drawing techniques in lieu of technical drawing.  This class is appropriate for beginners with no experience.

The sketching will focus on several nearby historic Chicago buildings – outdoor and/or indoor locations, depending on the weather.


    • Learning or improving upon the following freehand sketching skills and techniques: contour lines, value and contrast, composition, and one-point and two-point perspective
    • Improving your ability to document and remember the existing built environment
    • Improving your ability to use freehand sketching as an architectural design tool
    • Learning to draw faster and with more confidence

Suggested supplies

    • 8 1/2 x 11 sketch pad
    • 4b, 2b, hb, 2h, & 4h pencils
    • Optional: pens

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