Workshop 4: Supply Speed Dating

SATURDAY, JUNE 7                                                                                                                AFTERNOON                     2:00 p.m.   CLOSED

Workshop 4:  Supply Speed Dating

Facilitator:  Allana Pierce


Ever wondered what tools other Urban Sketchers use or what they’re like to work with? This workshop will give you the chance to try 2-4 other Urban Sketchers’ setups and tools.  Workshop participants will set up their urban sketching tools (chairs, notebooks, pens, paints, etc.) and prepare to make a sketch, BUT, before participants begin sketching, they will rotate to their left and sketch on their neighbors’ notebooks with their neighbors’ tools.  After thirty minutes, each participant will move to another location and try another sketcher’s tools!


Gaining experience with other setups and tools

Suggested Supplies

Participants should bring whatever setup they normally bring to sketch. If participants only occasionally bring along a seat, they are encouraged to bring it this time.


5 thoughts on “Workshop 4: Supply Speed Dating

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  2. I am taking Amtrak from downstate; would I inconvenience the workshop if I didn’t bring a chair?

    • Hi Debbe!
      Thanks for making the trek upstate this weekend! I requested folks bring chairs because this workshop is musical chair style and for each person who doesn’t bring a seat, someone else will have to find a seat elsewhere. BUT if your chair is too much to bring along, it will be okay: I am bringing my chair to lend and there may be bench or ground space available at the park.

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