Meet our instructors: Alex Zonis

 Alex sketching in Architectural Artifacts profile 2-15-2014

Alex always wanted to draw and paint, but thought she couldn’t because she lacked “talent”. Instead she got a degree in mathematics and worked in IT for 20+ years.

Because she just wanted to make art Alex started making beaded tapestries woven on a loom. Her tapestries were shown in galleries nation-wide, including SOFA Chicago and New York.

In 2009 she threw the idea about “talent” to the wind and started drawing in graphite. A year later she picked up watercolor, a year after that – oil. Today Alex is a professional painter and a painting instructor. She teaches Indirect Oil Painting technique and Flemish painting method in her studio in Chicago. She offers a similar oil painting course online via Skype for long distance students. 

More of Alex’s work on her blog and web gallery Alex Zonis on DailyPaintworks.

Alex will be teaching Workshop 5:  Taking Guesswork out of your Color Work on Sunday morning. On Sunday afternoon she will lead Workshop 8:  Sketching as a Team Sport  together with Don Colley.

Some of Alex’s sketches:

Alex discovered Urban Sketching in 2009. For three years she sketched alone and waited for someone to start Urban Sketchers Chicago so she could join it. In 2012 – tired of waiting – she started USk Chicago chapter.

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